Redcon Breach + Energy Dated 4/24

Redcon Breach + Energy Dated 4/24
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Redcon Breach + Energy electrolytes

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** DATED APRIL 2024**


6g BCAAs + 175mg Natural Caffeine and Electrolytes

  • Breach+ Energy Amino Acids Powder - BCAA energy fills in those nutritional gaps to optimize your performance. Our BCAA energy powder has leucine amino acid to help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue throughout the day.
  • Ingredients With Scientific Support - L-leucine, valine, and isoleucine make up the amino acid complex in this BCAA energy powder. Branched chain amino acids play a critical role in repair post-workout.
  • 175mg Green Coffee Caffeine - Reach for Breach+ Energy workout supplements when you’re in need of focus, energy, and recovery. With 6g of BCAA amino acids and 175mg of natural caffeine sources, Breach+ Energy will provide you with the fuel you need to kickstart your recovery process and a boost of energy to keep you going.
  • How to Use Amino Acid Powder - We make our amino acid energy powder formula easy and enjoyable to ingest. You can mix our BCAAs amino acid powder with 4-6 ounces of water or favorite beverage. Take whenever you need a boost in energy and recovery.
  • Premium Formulated BCAA Supplements - REDCON1 creates only premium formulated amino acids supplements with transparent supplement labels that are backed by science, and packed with great ingredients such as branched chain amino acids, l-leucine, and green caffeine.