Animal Pak 44 Paks

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Animal Pak 44 Paks

Brand: Universal Nutrition

Animal Pak is a bodybuilding classic - it's been around since 1983. Discover the essential vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, BCAAs and essential fatty acids contained in every pack and build your body to perform at its best.

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Universal Animal Pak is a case of 44 packs containing a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, BCAAs and essential fatty acids, this power packed supplements has all the essential nutrients required by the body to perform at its peak level, and grow hard lean muscle.

Universal Animal Pak has stood the test of time, with a very long and successful history ever since it was introduced in to the sports nutrition industry in 1983. To achieve maximum benefit from your diet, training and supplements, your body needs to be in optimal condition, and many sports supplements rely on certain nutrients and enzymes in your body to activate them, this is why Animal Pak is so widely used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and fitness enthusiasts around the world, for the simple fact that, it works!

- 44 packs of essential vits, minerals, efas, bcaa?s, digestive enzymes
- Increase Energy
- Maximum effectiveness & utilisation of other supplements
- Quick Muscle Recovery
- Increase Muscle Growth
- Boost Athletic Performance
- Multi Vitamin of the Year 2005-2009

Research has revealed that athletes and fitness enthusiasts have high nutritional requirements due to the intensity and frequency of their training programmes, this is where Universal Animal Pak can give you the cutting edge, also loaded with performance optimisers, Universal Animal Pak will provide you with all the essential nutrients to help you reach your goals faster than you can ever imagine.

Universal Animal Pak allows athletes to perform at their best, step up and try one of the most trusted supplements in sports nutrition history.
For Muscle Growth : stack with other products like Animal Pump, and Profight L-Glutamine for maximum results.

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