XCell 500g

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XCell 500g

Brand: NAR Labs

NAR Labs XCELL is a scientifically advanced performance enhancement system developed to help athletes perform at their best - during and after hardcore training. XCELL hydrates your cells, gives you fast-absorbing aminos including micro-ionised BCAAs, plus promotes fat loss.

Make sure you maximise your workout by supplementing with the right nutrition at the right time.

XCELL is an intra-workout supplement - check out the pre-workout supplements and post-workout supplements for a balanced and healthy workout routine.

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Narlabs XCELL Formulated with a precise mega blend of fast-absorbing aminos including micro-ionized BCAA?s, to aid in the building, and growth of lean muscle tissue, high-voltage electrolyte replacement blend for optimum cell hydration, HMB to maximize muscle growth and recovery and Calcium Pyruvate to optimize energy and promote fat loss.

8g Micro Ionized BCAA?s, 3g Glutamine Matrix
2g Electrolytes, 1g HMB, 1g Calcium Pyruvate
Supports strength, power, and muscle gains
Replenishes energy and electrolytes
Boosts metabolism to reduce body fat
NO Aspartame / NO Fillers / NO Artificial Colors


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NAR Labs XCell BCAA Supplement
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