Formulation 1 All-in-One Men's

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Formulation 1 All-in-One Men's

Brand: Formulation 1

The Formulation One “All-in-One” performance formula was developed for the Total Performance needs of the active, modern-day man.

Designed to replace a number of pills to give you an easy way to boost health, sexual performance, energy and overall well-being in one.

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The Formulation One “All-in-One” performance formula was developed for the Total Performance needs of the active, modern-day man. Recognizing the numerous challenges (and the expense) of taking a fist full of pills every day, the research team at Formulation One Nutrition developed this innovative “Once-Daily” formula by carefully selecting ingredients that perform collaboratively and synergistically to accomplish multiple objectives, in a single formulation!

A Look Behind the Formula:

Fortified with research proven ingredients to maximize workout performance, improve sexual performance, dial-up energy, facilitate muscle recovery, elevate natural testosterone, and increase mental focus, the Formulation One “All-In-One” is packed with lean muscle building Amino Acids along with strength-building agents Creatine, Beta-Alanine, and key B-vitamins, all combined to super-charge metabolism, support energy production, and elevate muscular performance. Neuro-stimulating Gingko and Betainare added for focus and clarity and to go one-step further, this male-enhancing formula is designed with key ingredients that help support prostate health, improve sexual performance, and elevate natural testosterone levels, the key driver to building lean muscle, assisting in post-workout recovery and keeping body fat levels in-check.
This innovative formula goes the distance with a Lycopene based antioxidant blend and a full 100% of the recommended daily value of several key vitamins to help ensure recovery and optimize health. Combined into one serving for a COMPLETE daily total performance formula, Formulation One is helping Men check off all the boxes on their “daily performance checklist”.


Q: What are the real benefits of “ALL-In-ONE” Supplementation?
A: There are several key advantages, and they can all be summed up with two words; Simplicity and Efficiency. This “once-daily” All-In-One avoids the confusion and expense of purchasing multiple products each month and swallowing a fist full of pills every day.
Q: What does “Synergistic Formulation” really mean?
A:The researchers and formulators at Formulation One Nutrition carefully selected the highest quality ingredients based on their ability to perform collaboratively to target multiple target objectives, within a single formulation.
Q: How do you define “Total Performance”?
A: For the modern-day man, Performance is measured in 3 primary areas. To put it simply: In the Gym, In the Office, and in the Bedroom. The Formulation One blend was built to address ALL of those areas.
Q: Why were Multi-Vitamins and Antioxidants added to the formula?
A: When we say All-In-One, we mean ALL-IN-ONE! Keep in mind, the primary objective of this supplement is to make life easier. By adding 100% of the daily values of several key vitamins, we are allowing you to check even more “boxes” on your daily nutritional checklist!
Q: Does this product replace everything else I’ve been taking?
A: Formulation One’s All-In-One formula was built to be a safe and effective multi-facetted daily nutritional, total performance supplement. However, if you have a medical condition, it’s always recommended that you consult with your Doctor to determine the best way to address individual nutrient needs.
Q: Is this product ONLY for Men A: Yes, the Formulation One “All-In-One” ingredient matrix was developed for the unique needs of Men.

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